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Falling Into Place

Elements Candles + Incense

Elements Candles + Incense

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AIR: Our Air candle uplifts you with notes of agave, jasmine, red currant, and lemon tonic. This delightful mix will have you daydreaming. Hand poured in Memphis, TN. 

WATER: With notes of huckleberry, bergamot, and balsam fir, our Water candle is a refreshing take on this element. A splash of vanilla adds to its soothing aura as you float away.

FIRE: With powerful notes of santal, sandalwood, amber, and smoke our Fire candle evokes a cozy bonfire. This bold scent is warm and intoxicating, awakening all your senses.

EARTH: A mix of sandalwood, damp earth, and petrichor, our Earth incense grounds you with this mix of earthy, musky scents. This is calming and takes you to a moody, rainy day.

Each candle: 
-100% soy wax
-high quality, skin safe fragrances (phthalate free)
-paper core wick
- Hand poured in Memphis, TN

Incense cones:
Each aluminum tin contains 25 charcoal cones. Each cone will burn for 20-30 minutes with a scent longevity of 2-4 hours. Hand dipped in Memphis, TN. 

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